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National Contact Points

National Contact Points

National Contact Point Coordinator

National Contact Point Coordinator

The strategy of the Horizon 2020 program has been to confirm or redefine, on the level of the highest authorities, thematic Contact Points from the 7PM (Seventh Framework Program – Precursor to H2020), but to adjust their profile and activities to the announced definition of the European Union and the actual needs and tasks required.

Thus, in some cases there are multiple contact points per area, what allows them to specificity in their work. 

The role of Focal Points per subject area

1.     Build up a thematic data base in each proposed area.

2.     Receive information/ calls for tender of other contact points or of the liaison office in Uruguay.

3.     Spread the calls between your database and contacts.

4.     Advise and support national researchers in their profiling, together with the liaison office.

5.     Be a reference to the different sectoral/thematic meetings in which the country participates.

The main tasks of the National Contact Points are:

·         To spread general and specific documentation about Horizon 2020, particularly concerning conditions for participation, concerning possibilities and conditions for proposal submission and concerning budgeting and reporting.

·         Organize the information and promotional activities, creating informative workshops, seminars, conferences, newsletter, webpages, exhibitions etc.

In addition, there is an advisory committee of a political-institutional character, which is composed of the Director of the DICyT: Mr. Gabriel Aintablián and the Director of International Cooperation and Projects: Mr. Nicolás Pons.

In addition, the University of the Republic is in the process of appointing researchers with broad experience in the different areas, who know the research groups, the priority areas, the strategic interest of the country, the capacities, the potentials etc. Those experts are called Academic Contact Points

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